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Albion Illegal Immigrant Arrested for Murder

He stabbed a woman multiple times in the parking lot of the Albion Walmart. He apparently wanted her purse and her 8 year old child was standing right there.

Details, CLICK THIS.

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10/31/2011 9:55AM
Albion Illegal Immigrant Arrested for Murder
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10/31/2011 10:14AM
albion illegal immigrant arrested for murder
the border patrol has their hands full. The farmers out here give them a hard time.The farmers cannot get people to work crops for the low wages they pay.there are so many people out of work. they should consider working on a farm . It maybe little wages, But is income.It is better than being homeless or hungry. Then send all the immigrants home. Or use the ones that are in jail . Make them work these crops put them on chains and make them work. It is not easy work, Maybe then these people in jail would think twice. Make them work the long hours, and 7 days.I live about 10 minutes from the walmart in Albion. And it is not that bad out here. You don"t hear of this happening here like the city of Rochester.The crime rate here is low. This is the first murder here in many years.I would rather live out here ,Than in the city ,Where there's murders about everyday
11/01/2011 6:14PM
let's invite more of them...
Democrat or Republican. When will our leaders get it?
11/02/2011 10:21AM
just a few words!!
this darn town is nuts!! feb. we had a 15 yr old murdered by an illegal.. august comes we have a fire where a woman dies and exactly 2 days later a man was shot and later on died at the hospital due to his injuries. then in october we have robberies at sugar creek and now this!! what is this town coming to? but with everything that happens the community is always told everything is an isolated incident , a random act of violence and there is absolutely no reason for the community to feel alarmed!! yeah um ok!! we believe everything we are told!! not!
11/02/2011 7:13PM
Fry this piece of garbage!
Let see....... Im sure this illegal immigrant is just here trying to provide a better life for his family. Doe's this sound familiar? It should, because this all we here from every bleeding liberal. When will people wake up and realize illegal immigration is a cancer within. It's a shame we don't have Texas law, which would require this illegal's partners to face capital punishment with him. When you complain to your local politician about our wide open borders, all they want to say is it is a federal issue. If this outrage's you as much as me, tell your listeners to bang on their political reps. This could have been anyone's loved one. Thank you, Signed PISSED OFF!!!
11/03/2011 8:09AM
illegal borderpatrol
Border patrol is told not to go on farms...farmers give alot of $ to politicians....politicians are the driving force behind border patrol lack of pursuit of farms
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