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Abandoned Dog at 425 Gregory Street

We are trying to dig deeper.. An abandoned dog at a slum house at 425 Gregory Street.. No food, no heat, no care

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01/02/2013 9:24AM
Abandoned Dog at 425 Gregory Street
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01/02/2013 2:59PM
Someone with contacts needs to find out what is going on.
According to the investigator at Lollypop he talked to the owner on New Years eve. Truth is he went out to the house on New Years eve day and put a sign on the gate blocking the driveway asking the owner to contact him. Somehow he must have contacted that owner but the investigator never went into the home in question on that day. Lollypop told me when I called them on the 29th that the home was investigated 2 months ago for reports about a dog left in that home. They said they invstigated the home and the dog was being cared for. Thing is - the dog that is in the house now is not the same dog that was there when they suposedly came out. If they had actually gone in the home and saw the dog they would have known that. Another thing. The dog was left in the home to prevent copper theives from entering the property yet the dog was locked on the second floor. The same floor that a fire occured in the home a while back. The owner says that renovations are being done to the home - yet nothing has been done for 3 years. Why is the dog there then? The owner stops by every 2 weeks at night with food. There are no lights and he uses a flash light to get around. The water was turned off around April. There is only a minimal amout of electricity running to the home meaning there is very little heat and there is a broken window on the floor where the dog is living. Neighbors said that one of the dogs broke it over the summer when it was so hot. Over the summer there were 2 dog in the home. But one was killed by the other and removed by the owner. The dogs never go outside to go to the bathroom. Let me see - No heat, left in the dark, very little food and little or no water, very little or no human contact, left to live in its own waste. Sounds like abuse to me. This owner was arested in 2010 for dog fighting. Maybe he is priming this baby to be fighter?
01/02/2013 3:14PM
Just heard he human society had a vehicle outside the resience about 10 minutes ago. Dont know if the entered the home.
01/02/2013 7:06PM
No Public Record For the House
If you go to Monroe County.gov, you will see no record of the owner. Cover-up perhaps?
01/02/2013 7:07PM
Finally !!
It's about time someone starting reporting on this story... This has been the main focus on craigslist for well over a week. In order to quickly search for a pet you may want to adopt, you must first sift through a sea of loaded rants from concerned folks who have seen first hand the living conditions this dog has endured. So many news stations and rescue agencies were contacted but those cries fell on deaf ears. Leave it to Kimberly and Beck to actually take action and start talking about the poor pup that has been given a cold shoulder and cold shelter...Thank GOD for K&B!
01/02/2013 7:09PM
Clear Neglect
How can any agency state that things are fine by just speaking to a dog owner? It is clear from the neighbors comments and pictures that there are no shoe or paw prints in the snow there. I would think someone would need to actually enter the property to access the situation. If numerous complaints have been filed, why hasn't anyone actually gone in to see the dog and it's living conditions? Despite the obvious signs of neglect of making a dog live with no social interaction, and forced to live in it's own excrement, it is 24 degrees outside. If there is no heat in the house and the window is broken, then there's a good chance the dogs water is frozen, (if it has any. or it's not knocked over) If someone is only bringing the dog food once every two weeks, there is a good chance it is going days without food. This dog does not appear to have acceptable levels of shelter, food and water. How is this any different from other animal abuse cases? The neglect is apparent.
01/02/2013 7:10PM
Thank you for taking this serious and getting the word out there. I have been so disgusted with this case and the lack of investigating. Your interest into this case is amazing!
01/02/2013 7:17PM
Continue the support
By joining www.GregoryStreetDog.webs.com and signing the petition as well
01/02/2013 7:23PM
Finally it seems like the "higher ups" are taking this serious!!
01/02/2013 7:24PM
Hope its not too late
Its a relief that someone stepped up to the plate and is speaking up for this poor dog. I only pray that this poor creature is saved and able to feel what it is to be loved and cared for!!! So friggin sad. The shame of it all is the proper people were originally notified of this dogs plight and failed him/her miserably.
01/02/2013 9:12PM
Thank you
This has been a ongoing conversation on craigslist for a few days. I for one am so relieved to see finally this poor dog and others I am sure he has had in that house and others he owns might get some help
01/02/2013 10:59PM
Re: rescues and animals advocacy groups
Rescues will not step in due to legal and safety issues, not for lack of caring. The owner has not surrendered the dog, the property is clearly gated off and the dog could very well be human reactive. I get emotions are running high as we all want to see this dog have a better quality of life but it's completely ridiculous to insinuate local rescues and animal advocacy groups have washed their hands of this matter- it's being attended to through proper legal channels. If you don't like the NY state laws that do little to protect the animal I suggest you stop putting the wrong individuals on blast for something that is legally out of their hands and focus your energy on changing the laws that leave this poor dog locked up in this house. You think this dog is living a hard life, try being one of the countless dogs here in Rochester who are forced to live OUTSIDE on a chain in this weather.
01/03/2013 7:16AM
Its about the dog
Really?, The folks on here are being the voice of this neglected dog.As compassionate and caring people would do for all animals.The frustration comes from those who instead of stating that they are looking into it and are actively pursuing a investigation, they opted to tell people to STOP calling about the dog, posting stories to try and defuse the anger and then have the nerve to delete all out cries for help and concern on Craigslist. It didn't take a genus to figure out who was behind the postings being deleted. Perhaps going on record Publically stating that you infact saw this dog in person and witnessed his living arrangements, then perhaps folks would believe that the Agencies have done their job!!!! To say the owner said the dog is fine, that he is being well cared for, is ridiculous!!!! How about some proof?? Your lashing out at people who are truly 100% LOOKING OUT FOR THE BEST INTEREST of this poor dog are uncalled for and quite frankly outrageous!
01/03/2013 8:52AM
re: Abandoned Dog on Gregory
Someone posted on craigslist last night stating to be the cousin of the dog owner. Said they moved the dog to another HEATED location. "Guess which one, there's no neighbors. HAHAHA" Now tell me something isn't going on here.... I checked on Monroe County Clerk website. Between father and son, both the same first and last name, different middle initial, they own some 30 properties in Monroe County. The on area, Kappel Place, which is off Clinton, they own the whole street... hence no neighbors... Did I perhaps find the dog without being schooled to do so? Can someone please continue on with this who is an authority? No, the father was not arrested for felony dog fighting... the son was... this is sick and needs to be stopped!
01/03/2013 9:28AM
Abandoned Dog at 425 Gregory Street
From the City Website - Call the Humane Society of Rochester and Monroe County at 223-6500 for all non-emergency concerns related to animal neglect or animal cruelty
01/03/2013 9:34AM
re Humane Society
I have called and called, others have called and called, which is why it went public https://www.pet-abuse.com/profiles/16864
01/03/2013 9:55AM
Thank goodness you did!
I am sadden that we are living in a world where a out pouring of concern for a helpless dog is ridiculed! Even worse by the very Agencies that are suppose to protect helpless animals!! Something is very wrong with this picture. They should be grateful for the folks who saw the poor dog and jumped into action in a search for assistence. I feel absolutley empathy for the original poster, who had to watch helplessly by as their calls for help were ignored. Why on earth this has been brushed under the carpet and people are attempting to quiet the concern is beyond me? Every time I see this photo of the poor dog I want to vomit.
01/03/2013 5:54PM
This is 7 weeks old now
It seems some poster on this page are not aware that this issue has been posted on Craigslist for 7 weeks. There isn't any suggestion of how to get help for the dog that hasn't happened numerous times. The law states a dog can be removed if living in feces. If the reports from the neighbor are correct the dog is living in feces. There is no proof that any legal agency has entered the home to see the dog or the environment. All animals deserve a happy healthy life and they only have humans to fight for those rights. Lets change the laws that do not include a right for companionship, exercise, stimulation, affection and a healthy diet.
01/03/2013 6:51PM
is there any news?
I was hoping to hear some news about this poor dog? I prefer to hear from a genuine person in the know , as I have lost all faith in the Agencies that are too busy, telling people they can do nothing, and so far haven't or in the very least a minimal effort.
01/03/2013 9:48PM
How can people sleep at night when they treat another one of gods creatures this way
There is a reason why these people own that many homes. how can they pay the taxs on them or maybe not pay anything on but still own them?someone said they owe people money so who knows.I would have to make an educated guess that these inner city homes are drug houses,places to store or grow/manufacture drugs.they are not getting any income from renting these homes.it is hard to buy any type of home in any kind of location with this economy.what are these losers doing to own a whole street? Maybe all the houses is a way to clean dirty drug money?These men are getting away with alot more than the normal peron would?this is deeper than a dog locked in a house.
01/04/2013 7:35AM
Something Stinks Big time!
You know the amount of time spent trying to keep people quiet about this dog, tells me that either as the above post stated, there is alot more going on with the owners of the property or something has happened to this dog and the so called rescues don't want anyone to know they screwed up. Why is it, that nothing has been reported in days? Do they really think that people will just forget about this dog? I do know I won't and I also won't forget how good folks are being treated for trying to help this dog. The people responsable for this seem to have way tooooo much time to spend on the computer, deleting posts and making nasty remarks then doing their jobs. Doesn't make you wonder, how many other pets they turned a blind eye too? Sure does not make me feel very confident and this is a very serious matter. Who funds these agencies? One would really hate to think that donations are not going to the care of the animals and their well being. I will always donate and support any facility that truly cares and will do what is necessary to assist a dog in need, but will not donate to ones who are more worried about sitting on a computer and trying to bully people to shut them up.
01/05/2013 10:16PM
guess what ?
mind your buisness, is it your dog? No, so why should you care..
01/06/2013 7:23AM
Why should I care?
How very sorry I feel for you. Really you must be such a lost sole, oh wait from your comment, its apparent you don't have one! Were you a bully in school? No need to respond, think we all know what type of individual you are. Perhaps you should heed your own advice. If standing by while a pet is in need is something you can live with , heaven help you. For me, its not and I'm making it my business!!!! As to why I should care, I'm not surprised you would have to ask that, you apparently can't comprehend the concept. So rather than try to enlighten you, a lost cause anyway, I will just pray for your lonely unfulfilled life and if it helps you, I could send someone to check on you , to be sure you are taking your medication. Which trailer park are you at ? Geez, what was I thinking, its not my business and your right I shouldn't care, so guess you'll just have to stay your miserable lonely self. Good luck to you,now run along and find another site to spread your love and joy!!!!
01/06/2013 2:48PM
guess what!!!!
your most likely just like them. lol or them. you people need help and never forget that when your last breath is taken and you die,you will be punished for all of your sins. Killing and abuseing animals is wrong.
01/07/2013 12:34PM
To mind your own business
Is this your dog? If so ought to be ashamed, if not why do you care if others wish to help? If anyone should mind their own business, seems its you! Your nastiness reminds me of posts I've seen on Craigslist. You apparently have a anger management problem and wayyyyyyyyy to much time on your hands. Your post on here is tasteless and offensive, but I think maybe you really don't know any different. Your lack of concern and respect for living creatures, both human and animals is just plain sick. Truly hope you are never in need of help because I'm pretty sure your horrific attitude has pushed away any friends or family who know you. You really should consider counselling. Anyone who would go out of their way to post on a site devoted to help this dog and be so cold hearted, really, really needs guidance.
01/07/2013 10:57PM
Dog on Gregory Street
The story last week about the abandoned dog at 425 Gregory Street is not new to the alleged owner of that property. Sometimes drug dealers will leave dogs at these abandoned properties to protect their drug stash. Which may be hidden under the flooring or in the walls. Since the article stated that the owner had the dog (s) there to protect the plumbing and no work had been conducted, it is more likely that the dog(s) was protecting something else. The owner named on the Kimberly and Beck show, owns several properties in the North Clinton Ave. area. A few years ago, complaints were made to the area’s former NET office regarding the use of some of these properties. One involved the removal of several dogs by RPD during a raid. I used the web site geo.cityofrochester.gov to find the owners name at 424 Gregory St., and found the name Contrer. The site indicates delinquent property taxes to the city of Rochester. Just as they do for the person Contreras, whose properties are rentals and occupied but are also delinquent in tax and water payments dating back for years. I am astonished that the city and county would allow someone who has the means to pay their property tax and water bill, to accrue thousands of dollars in unpaid debt to those agencies. It is even more amazing that the city sold collection of that debt to an out of state collection agency. I am curiuos if this person is even reporting that rental income to the State and IRS, or if he is filing any tax returns.
01/08/2013 12:45AM
what comes around goes around
To the bad people that are hurting these dogs, what you reap you will sow.
01/08/2013 6:48AM
Hello Rochester
ummm, not sure with all the attention this has gotten, why the City would not be stepping in. I own two properties, not in Rochester, and there is no way I would ever get away with not paying my taxes!!!! Why with several issues on this property including the neglect of this poor dog is something not being done? The background alone of the owners should have been a red alert to authorities. The added info about the taxes, the several other properties both in Rochester and other places should have been more than enough for a investigation by many Agencies. Pee-u I smell rotten eggs!!!!!!
01/09/2013 1:13AM
Everything smells bad
Dirty cops,drug houses,dieing dogs,low life people! Nothing has been done and nothing will be done. Money Money Money
01/09/2013 6:44AM
yep, I agree
I agree the stench is overwhelming. Its too bad the News Station won't attempt to air a story. Usually when there appears to be a "old boys club" scenerio happening and is stumbled on, a domino effect usually follows. Wonder what it is that they are trying to hide? Think the previous poster hit the nail on the head!!!! No amount of soap, water or bleach, could begin to clean up this mess!!!
01/22/2013 1:49PM
Someone needs to do their job and rescue this dog. It sounds like a dog fighting ring, who traditionally isolate, starve, and beat their dogs. Please someone help this poor animal.
02/08/2013 12:01AM
Did anyone rescue this dog yet?
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