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A Thank You We Received from a Listener...

Karen Lee, whose pugs died while in the care of City Animal Control, had called us to tell her story. You can lsiten to it now by CLICKING THIS.

Karen sent us a very nice thank you card and flowers after being on the air with us. Thank you Karen! We are so sorry for your loss.

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07/29/2011 5:56AM
A Thank You We Received from a Listener...
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07/30/2011 2:19PM
re: dead dogs
at what point does the dog owner take some responsibility? her dogs got free and were picked up. had she ensured they could not escape this would not have happened. had she noticed they were gone and actually went after them, this would not have happened. i can not place all the blame on animal control. this woman was equally at fault.
08/02/2011 7:56PM
Comment on Animal Control and Pugs
the owner is not responsible for animal control using a van with no a/c to put the pugs or any animal in. Dogs can get loose all the time, these people should have known better than to keep the dogs in that van for any amount of time, let alone 70 minutes...they should be fired
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