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A 132 Pound 3 YEAR OLD

Ummm..... WHAT???

5x the size of a normal 3 year old.

Detailsand more pictures: CLICK HERE.

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Topics : Human Interest

03/23/2011 8:37AM
A 132 Pound 3 YEAR OLD
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03/23/2011 8:47AM
The Coming of Buddha!
03/23/2011 8:47AM
This is awful. Although I'm sure there is something medically wrong with him, the parents are to blame. Every day parents deal with screaming children who don't want to play and just want to sit and play video games and stay inside. Guess what...that's why you are the PARENT. This boy is three years old and probably already has diabetes.
03/23/2011 9:38AM
Re: Whaaat?
Did you even read the article? His parents have taken him to no less than 3 doctors, who seem unable to diagnose what the problem is. They try to get him to exercise and did attempt to restrict his food intake, but he cried and cried. While he is definitely obese, the parents are working to help him overcome this condition, but don't know how to. Give them a break.
03/23/2011 9:55AM
Give them a break???
Give them a break?? Like "whaaat?" said they are the parents!! What child doesn't cry when they are hungry? It doesn't mean you give them 3 freakin bowls of rice for supper!! You stand up and say "you have had enough!!" Why do people think that letting their kid cry is wrong? Let them cry and they will realize you mean what you say and they won't ask for another bowl of rice! The parents have enabled this kid to get that big!!
03/23/2011 10:38AM
U kidding me?
Way to exploit a 3-yr old's sad misfortune.
03/23/2011 10:40AM
Re: Give them a break???
Oh, for God's sake, it's so easy to blame the parents, but you aren't in their shoes. I have a feeling that when they talk about him crying, it's more than just a temper tantrum. Where were his doctors during this period? He didn't gain the weight overnight, so why didn't they see what was happening and do something to stop it? All the blame cannot be put on his parents.
03/24/2011 1:01AM
Honestly, can this poor kid see? You can not see his eyes one bit in any of the pictures. Sad:0(
03/24/2011 9:20AM
He is awsome.
03/25/2011 7:25AM
WOW!! Can that child even see?
IT's the parents fault!! I would never let my child get that big.
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