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2011 Worlds Ugliest Dog Winner

Canines Compete In World's Ugliest Dog Contest

Take a look at Yoda. This Chinese Crested... thing is the winner of the 2011 World's Ugliest Dog competition. MMMmmm Ugly you are.

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06/27/2011 6:26AM
2011 Worlds Ugliest Dog Winner
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06/28/2011 12:20PM
2011 Worlds Ugliest Dog Winner
Check out the disgusting fingernails on the hands holding the ugly dog!!
06/28/2011 6:48PM
ugly dog
looks like kimberly in the morning
06/29/2011 5:27AM
Bat sex
my dog need to stop having sex with bats
07/01/2011 1:34PM
poor dog
i feel bad for the dog...looks like owner so you know it doesn't get taken care of.
07/01/2011 1:36PM
poor dog
it isn't the dogs fault. The owner is a mess and in turn so is her dog.
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