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2 Guys Escape Monroe County Jail

How in the hell did they manage that? As a listener told us this morning who spent time in Monroe County Jail: it is not exactly easy to escape from that place.

Details: CLICK HERE.

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04/01/2011 6:50AM
2 Guys Escape Monroe County Jail
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04/02/2011 4:45PM
Repeat Offenders
Yep less than 2 weeks to go and he breaks out...Now he will be all set when they find him...He won't have to go out and make an honest living. A roof over his head,food in his stomach,clothes,shoes and cable tv..thats the life. They all make a living out of being inmates...so sad..maybe if they didn't make it so easy in there they would get sick of being there and start working for a living instead of living off the system..one way or another
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