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14 Year Old Run-a-way Found

She was with her 19 year old boyfriend, who insists they are in love.

That's not legal by the way...


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03/30/2011 6:13AM
14 Year Old Run-a-way Found
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03/30/2011 8:02AM
7 yrs apart....
i was 13 when i met my first husband and he is 7 yrs older then me,we were together for 17yrs...i had to hide my relationship from my parents,they wanted to put his but in jail....i beged and pleaded for this not to happen..i even ran away at one time myself..i eneded up being put on a pins and then ended up going to a foster home and a childrends group home..all because i"loved" this guy..but now they even have holidays with him at there house..we have 3 children together also.. i can honestly say that i wish i hadnt had this relationship,not because of my parents but because it took my childhood away..im sure if i hadnt met him i wouldnt of became a young mother..i didnt wanna see any young girl have to become a mom young and loose there childhood..this is too important for them... but unfortunetly my eldest daughter has become one... her sons father is only a yr older then her but she has walked in my foot steps ..i believe if i hadnt done this she wouldnt be doing it either..now she has lost the rest of her childhood and curently her education... i hope these girls think twice before getting involved with older guys and parents please keep closer attention to who they are with and do what ever it takes to alow them to live there childhood!!!
03/30/2011 10:17AM
It's not love
What would a 19 year old want with a 14 year old anyway? that's just sick! and at that age they have no idea what love is.
03/30/2011 4:47PM
bad radio host
yeah i cant believe the buzz would put down a 14 yr old when the kid is a pervert looks like im listening to 95.1 for now on
03/30/2011 5:57PM
I'd run away too!
I'm from the Wayland area and I know the girls parents and if you knew what family she had to grow up with... you'd run away too!! As messed up as this seems (her with a 19 year old) her family is going to mess her up even more!
03/31/2011 8:52AM
i think thay should both be in trouble!!
I know its not so good but why is it that the 19 year old boy gets in trouble and the 14 year gets nothing it does take two to tangle!!!I know someone that it happend to and he got 3 years in prison!!And she went and stated going out with a other 19 yearold how is that right!!Just because the father of the girl didnt like him!!
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