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13 Year Old Gets Tased

He was swinging at cops... so they tased him. Did they use too much force?

Details: CLICK HERE.

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04/05/2011 8:20AM
13 Year Old Gets Tased
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04/05/2011 8:40AM
He got what he deserved
I have 3 sons, and if one of them was that out of control at 13, 19, or whatever, then he would totally deserve to be tased. If mommy and daddy weren't running to his defense all the time, he wouldn't be out of control in the first place!! Let the cops be cops. That police officer properly diffused an out of control situation. I'm with Beck, now give me the taser and I'll do it again!!
04/05/2011 8:49AM
taser the parents also
hey apparently the parents have not taught the kid to respect the law
04/05/2011 8:49AM
I knew a 14 year old who beat up 2 cops at one time!!!
I grew up in Cheektowaga, or Cheek ta Vegas as Pat refers to it, and I knew a guy a couple years older than me that worked out. He was drunk one Saturday night and when the police stopped him and tried to put him in the car he started fighting them. Hebeat the two cops up and they called back up and took night sticks to him, but it took four cops to take him down.
04/05/2011 9:18AM
Is this what police work is coming too? California town prohibits police from using any force...
04/05/2011 10:20AM
Taser, It's their job!
Yes. I don't think people really realize what cops go through until you date one, marry one, have one as a dad or something along those lines. Who cares the age... They are threatening a law enforcement officer. So if that 13 year old also had a gun on him would it still be wrong. Come on pussification of America!!!
04/05/2011 10:25AM
I think this is great
There are so many kids today out of control and they think cause of their age they are untouchable and can do whatever they want. Well maybe this will be a reminder you are not always above the law and I am glad these cops took a stand and tasered him.
04/05/2011 8:41PM
personal safty first
If the cop was in danger of getting hurt I agree with that form of defence. If there is a risk of other people getting hurt by other means like spraying then that sort of isolated force is the best way to handle it. If you are dumb enough to act agressive towards anyone in law enforcement you deserve what you get.
04/06/2011 8:12AM
Lucky thing the cops had tasers. Otherwise they would have shot him.
04/06/2011 9:54AM
Taser better than physical force!
Without even knowing the circumstances and reading the comments, I would like to add one... What people don't realize is that the taser is a non-lethal tool for law enforcement officers to use. The alternative is that the officer will have to use physical force to stop the threat or deactivate the situation, which could lead to serious injury. Statistics show that both officer and suspect injuries are down since the implementation of the taser and for those who claim that the "Taser kills people," if you do the research, deaths involved with the taser usually have mitigating circumstances like drugs or unknown medical conditions. If it were my child who was out of control, I would rather he get tased than the possibly of getting seriously injured!
04/07/2011 3:10PM
Give teachers tasers and call it a day...
I'm a teacher, and if we touch a kid we can get fired. We can get fired for SAYING something, imagine what would happen if we actually injured a child while trying to restrain them to protect ourselves or other kids in the classroom. Kids are crazy. I say tas 'em all...and let us do it. Cops have more important things to do, like finding guys who broke out of jail or something!!!
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