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10 Churchville-Chili Football Players Suspended After Fight

Here's what's stupid to us: we were told 4 guys (allegedly) who graduated from the school got drunk at the game, got kicked out, jumped one of the teen players, AND his family (parents included) with bats and possibly a knife.  So the football team came to their rescue and what did those palyers get? A 10 day suspension... WTF????? Here the story, CLICK HERE...

UPDATE: Here's the statement from the school district: CLICK HERE

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10/07/2010 6:22AM
10 Gates Chili Players Suspended After Fight
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10/07/2010 9:44PM
churchville football fight
Bs! The "adult students" should be put in jail. How can a 23 year old attack a 16 year old and push the mom around? They did the right thing sticking up for each other. Free the saints!
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