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(PICS) My Tofurkey Dinner...

So is it turkey? No. Does it taste like turkey? Let's be honest, no. Was it a great thanksgiving feast that my wife made? Oh my God YES. Everything on this plate is vegan. Most of it is made from scratch (not the tofurkey of course).

See I don't get the HATE people show vegans... the food is very good when done right. Besides, what's wrong with not wanting to hurt an animal to eat? You don't have to agree with my wife, but you have to agree this looks pretty damn good!

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11/29/2010 9:21AM
(PICS) My Tofurkey Dinner...
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11/29/2010 9:35AM
Look`s can be DECIVING
Yeah it look`s good,,,but OBVIOUSLY u cannot be the NATURAL TASTE of the Real McCoy,,,,u feel me Pat,,,,,chain-saw
11/29/2010 9:52AM
your not alone
Even though I personally am a vegetarian, both my adult kids are not and I would cook the turkey if the wanted it, but truth be known they fight over the Tofurkey. I have added the Quorn loaf into the mix over the years, but it's always the Tofurkey that is the first to be finished off. Kat from Lockport
11/29/2010 4:35PM
eat and be merry
people should eat whatever they f--king want to wtf ...live and let live whatever....
11/29/2010 5:38PM
i went to apub the wed night before thanks giving, my buddy dates one of your promo girls,, i hope you posted the pics from that night cuz i was involved with the fake mustach pictures :)) i thought it was so funny as the night went on I used it as a joke and made all sorts of people take pictures with fake mustaches i kinda feel obligated to make my own website " i had a fake mustache.com" haha my whole show listens to the show every weekday, If you would like the pictures i took either mention it over the air or comment on this post and ill get in touch with ya. p.s i went out and pickd up a pack of fake mustaches for future outings this may be the new trend :P
11/29/2010 8:06PM
Hi Pat, Can i just say that I love the way you talk about your wife Jessi. It is obvious that you totally adore the woman, and I hope she realizes it and appreciates you.
02/28/2011 9:47PM
Pat, I found your blog! I get a gold star!
Well it is now 9:30 p.m. and I am finally getting back to this email. My whole purpose was to give you a big thumbs up on the color you painted your living room!!!!!!!!!!!!. It is very much like the green I painted my dining room over 30 years ago and never have wanted to change it. And the house looks exactly like what I love. I will go back and check out the pictures again and look closer. Make your home the way you want it to be, where you and Jeei can be happy and make a home for that new baby when it arrives! My son in Irondequoit is expecting a baby on his birthday, June 2nd, and they got pregnant shortly after they stopped trying to prevent it, so be patient and good luck. The vegan stuff I expect tastes good as long as I did not know what it was!Love your contribution in the morning and last week when Kimberly and Beck were away. And hot pink in Chloe's room? what about that?
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