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Kimberly and Beck

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(PIC and VIDEO) Kimberly Meets Suzy Corona

We met her before her meeting with the judge in Batavia City court.

She was sitting by herself... so Kimberly sat down right next to her!

Check out the video below...

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People : Kimberly Meets SuzySuzy Corona

01/20/2011 6:23AM
(PIC and VIDEO) Kimberly Meets Suzy Corona
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01/20/2011 7:14AM
Kimberly meets Suzy Corona
I think it is terrible the way you continue to bad mouth and humiliate a person. Obviously you have no clue what Mental Illness is. This is not funny anymore. You need to stop and leave this poor woman alone. We are hearing of all the "cyber bullying" etc going on with our teens. Well, this seems to be what you are doing to this poor woman. Please stop before your actions lead to something more. What are you trying to do. Push her to commit suicide like our teens are doing. You are destroying a life. As far as coming to our town to stalk her and make her a laughing joke..we don't want you here. Stay in your own town. Bad mouth your family if you want, but leave others alone..you are such a GREAT example to all our kids and society...maybe you don't smell to good either...
01/20/2011 7:35AM
shut up
you have no idea what you are talking about....she has destroyed her own life with no help from the media
01/20/2011 8:16AM
you make your bed you must "lie" in it...
so suzy you made your 15 mins of fame hows it feel if i were you i would just stay home it will stop you from stealing everything your grubby fingers touch..... and bullying haha like i stated you make your bed......
01/20/2011 8:28AM
Annoying ppl!
Just think its funny how this person above wants to blame US for the stupidity of suzy carona! so.... did WE make her steal, and now WE are going to make her commit suicide? get a life, and instead of pointing the finger at kimberly why dont you look at the idiot suzy! She is a WONDERFUL example for your kids... maybe you two are besties???? Just remember, its stupid idiots like you that help enable these PPL! moron! Keep up the good work breakfast buzz!! :D
01/20/2011 8:30AM
I give you credit for knowing that this person needs help and that the only way you could get the interview was to be understanding and ask the questions that you wanted answered. Good Job... This person is crying out for help.. She is stealing to get noticed and screaming for help... The court needs to send her for help,,,Force her to face her demons..
01/20/2011 8:38AM
enough is enough
I agree with Pat. I feel bad for her. She obviously needs help. It is so apparent that She has mental health issue's. I don't think jail time will do her any good. I think she needs some deep therapy. At first I thought her story was funny, but with each new news story it gets more and more sad. Also the fact that you just brought up her personal life, the adoption, sexual abuse, is wrong. THAT is not part of the news, that is you fueling the fire. I don't think people are trying to enable her, some people just have common sense and can see there is more now than her just being and idiot.
01/20/2011 9:12AM
Poor Suzzane WTF???
Suzzane did all of this to herself. And since when is she mentally I'll. She seems well aware that she is doing wrong. She seems very much aware of reality and right and wrong. Obviously she is an alcoholic and that's it which is not a mental illness.
01/20/2011 12:50PM
she has a nice body
Suzy seems to have a nice skinny body....my type
01/20/2011 3:10PM
Kimberly....I think you have some Straight up BIG Cahonies Good for you girl! I love you and beck!
01/20/2011 6:21PM
One has to question her sanity when you look at what she was trying to steal. Are you freaking kidding me??? Keep up the entertaining show!!!
01/24/2011 5:09PM
Kimberly, you're killing me! lol.
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